Taxi Camera Dorchester

For a competitive and top quality taxi camera in Dorchester, look to Dashcam Pros. The knowledgeable professionals supply and fit cameras for all kinds of commercial vehicles, from taxis to limos. The team are fully trained, and have over 20 years experience in the industry.

All the cameras provided come with a 12 month warranty, are of the best standard, and made with up to date technology. Dash cams and parking cameras are provided separately, or as a combined kit. Every taxi camera in Dorchester will be installed carefully by the professionals, and they can guide you on the most ideal cameras to meet your requirements.

Having a taxi camera in Dorchester can give you peace of mind that your cars and drivers are safer, and can help you to save a significant amount of money on insurance or legal disputes, in case of an accident. For many commercial fleets nowadays , cameras are seen as essential. So why not see how Dashcam Pros can assist you?

Taxi Dash Cam Dorchester

Having a taxi dash cam in Dorchester is a smart idea, as there are various advantages that these devices offer. Whilst they have become more and more popular with domestic drivers, dash cams are almost mandatory for commercial fleets. It is common these days to find a taxi with a camera system, and larger vehicles such as buses are beginning to use them as well.

So what are the advantages of getting a taxi dash cam in Dorchester? The most significant reason is to help save money. If a collision does occur, it can be frustrating, especially if the driver of your taxi is being blamed. Getting a camera means that you will have recorded footage of the accident that is reliable and accurate. You can use this as evidence in legal disputes, and can save you money on costly settlements or lawsuits. This has helped many businesses avoid challenging situations.

With an increasing number of 'crash for cash' cases, you'll want to take action to make sure that if one of your drivers falls victim to this scam, you can prove undoubtedly that it was not your drivers fault. A taxi dash cam in Dorchester will help you to preserve your insurance, and negates a potentially expensive situation. Having the tools to challenge these fraudulent insurance claims is crucial for any business, and is an effective way to reduce the number of these cases in general.

Another advantage to having a taxi dash cam in Dorchester is that it improves driving skills. For instance, a reversing camera can make manoeuvring in awkward spaces simpler, as it provides the driver a view which would otherwise be unavailable even when using wing mirrors. Dash cams can provide reassurance about your drivers safety, as well as their skills. Video can be assessed, and used for training in some situations. If you want to improve the safety of your vehicles, and save a lot of money.

Taxi Dashboard Cam Dorchester

If you are looking for a dash cam for your taxi in Dorchester, you're in the right place. Dashcam Pros supplies high standard cameras for commercial customers. Whatever sort of car you require, the experts can suggest a suitable camera system to suit you. Dashboard cameras are the most popular choice, which are fixed at the front of the car, but not always on the dash. A rear camera is often seen as optional, but can be very useful. For commercial customers, it is worthwhile getting a front and rear camera system, for the greatest increase in safety.

The team can fit your cam in Dorchester into any kind of taxi. Hiring an experienced experts to perform an installation is essential for any commercial car. An inadequate fitting can break the camera, or prevent it from functioning properly. If it is loose, it can fall, obstructing the drivers field of vision, or even blocking access to pedals or the gearlever. It is much safer to get a professional conduct the installation. If you have multiple vehicles which need dash cam installation, streamlining the services is faster and less costly as well.

Get in touch today for more information, and a price for a taxi camera in Dorchester? Simply fill out the form on this page with your contact information, and a short description of the cameras or service you require. You can expect a prompt reply via phone or email during weekday office hours. If you have any queries, don't be afraid to get in touch. The courteous customer support department will be happy to assist. Please bear in mind that the experts cannot install pre-purchased, third-party dash cams, and offer their services for professional cameras.

Taxi Camera Installation Dorchester

The professionals can perform a taxi camera installation in Dorchester, to make sure that your camera is mounted properly. They use high standard equipment so that the camera is fixed securely, and install the device in a position which affords the best view for recording video, without obscuring the drivers vision.

Taxi Car Camera Dorchester

You can check any taxi car camera in Dorchester in your fleet, thanks to the internet options. A Wi-fi dongle is provided with the camera, and you can have a wireless connection to your smartphone. This provides remote viewing and access any time you want it.

Dash Cam Taxi Dorchester

Your dash cam for your taxi in Dorchester will include various hard drive options. The cameras use SD cards and hard drives with large storage capacity, to ensure you can record video of different journeys, without worrying about the memory space running low.


Can I have a camera for one taxi in Dorchester, or do I have to purchase cameras in bulk?

The experts can offer as many cameras as you require, whether it is only one reversing camera, or numerous camera kits for a whole fleet. Simply let the experts know what you are after, and they will adapt to you.

Do the team provide dashboard cameras in Dorchester for coaches?

Yes, the team provide dash cams in Dorchester for all sorts of commercial vehicles, for example vans, minibuses, limos, company cars, and buses. Whether you have one car or a fleet, they can assist you.

What extras do the taxi cameras in Dorchester offer?

Each taxi camera in Dorchester will come with GPS tracking and software. This makes it easier for you to locate individual cars in your fleet on your smartphone. You can download maps of the journey taken, or use the SD card. G-shock sensors are also offered. These will respond to any unexpected collisions by automatically videoing and saving footage, helping to fight 'crash for cash' claims. These are only a example of the additional features offered.


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